Final Post Takeaways

This was my first time taking a seminar course and I really enjoyed my experience in this class this quarter. 

We've had many amazing classes like walking to the sculpture garden to have a small feast and watching/learning about past hox zodiac dinners. I was fascinated learning about  how hox zodiac dinners are conducted and the different versions held in the past. If I were able to attend any of the dinners held in the past I would have loved to go to the dinner held in Vienna, Austria. I thought the lab coats and animal parts were clever decorations. 

My favorite class that we've had was the second to last class where we brought in different foods based off our zodiac sign. I brought banana peanut butter cookies, as I am the year of the horse and bananas are one of the recommended dessert items for horses. Also, when I was little I used to make horse treats with of peanut butter. I enjoyed seeing what other people brought for their own zodiac sign even though we didn't all have the same ones. Most people brought food based off their zodiac sign that were also treats they already enjoyed and wanted to share. I enjoyed trying what other people decided to bring. My other favorite part of this class day was when some of the students played a version of the hox zodiac game where they had to think of the recipe to make using the ingredients on the random card they picked. Even though the same card was used a couple of times, there was still different interpretations for which each person would create. I would love to be able to play the game when it's finished as I think I would have a lot of fun creating recipes on the spot alongside my friends. I think it's really interesting to see everyone be so creative in their own ways. 

Unfortunately I was unable to come to our last class meeting to see the final presentations from students in the Design Media Arts class. However, I read other student's responses to them and it sounded like it they shared lots of amazing information and food. 

Overall, I'm very happy I decided to take this course this quarter and I feel although I came back with a lot of amazing information and perspectives. 

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