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I enjoyed all three of the class presentations we received during class and I love that they brought in the food from their presentations to share with the class because it made me feel as if I was there during their actual dinner. 


First off, we had a presentation by Charles and Rachel which I loved that they were able to incorporate foods from their own culture and how it resonated with them. I think it was great how they paid attention to little details such as the table setting and matching the color that their animal represents, such as brown for dragon and red for snake. Overall, I think what they did was beautiful, their food looked delicious, and it looked like it was a fun activity to do among friends and share stories. 


Coming in second, we had Colette and Peyton which gave us the cultural significance of three different types of bread- rice, wheat, and corn. What I most appreciated from this presentation was that they gave us a detailed description but mostly that they were committed, specifically when it came to the corn bread they wanted to make sure that it was purely corn and not adding any other additives.


Lastly, we received a presentation from Stella, Aileen, and Junie who gave us a presentation on kimchi. I personally have never tried kimchi and was very excited to finally try it for the first time. Within their presentation they spoke about kimchi and the science behind it such as its fermentation and lactic acid bacteria and they also talked to us about the history of kimchi. What I found to be interesting is that there are different categories of kimchi with different tastes and textures, whereas before I thought it only came in one form, but through their kimchi pancakes I found it came in different forms. 


In conclusion, through this class I was able to not only enjoy a variety of different foods from different cultures, but I was also able to learn about the background of several foods and the science behind them which was quite interesting and a great experience. 


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