Last Class

For our last class, Professor Vesna invited students from her Design Media Arts class to give a presentation about their own HOX Zodiac dinners that they hosted and a type of food that was important to the group. Similar to our own class meeting, they also brought in food to share with the class. 

Overall, all the students did an amazing job on their presentations. They were all extremely well-organized and very engaging. Charles and Rachel's presentation really stood out to me. They demonstrated the connection between various cultures ultimately coming together and being shared through a meal. I really liked this topic because it showed how food can play a very large role in bringing people together. When you share a meal with people, you are not only sharing food, but you also share stories. This is something that we also did in our class when we had our own HOX Zodiac meal. Charles and Rachel did a phenomenal job how food can be used as a way to bridge different cultures. 

The other presentations on bread and kimchi were also very interesting. I enjoyed the way the "Rise of Bread" gave a deeper look into the science behind bread. This class has emphasized the overlap between science, food, and culture. I think that this presentation was a fantastic representation of how these topics were interconnected. Through their presentation, they also looked into the cross cultural importance of bread and the role the different grains had in various cultures. It was also very fun trying the different types of bread! The kimchi presentation provided a deep cultural analysis of the food while also relating the history to the modern day. 

These projects did a fantastic job of showcasing how food, culture, and science are all related to one another!

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