First Blog - Introduction & Further Research About Rabbits

Hello, my name is Emily Mendez (she/her) and I’m a fifth year nursing major from North Hills, California. I was born in the month of December of 1999 so my Chinese Zodiac Sign is a Rabbit. This class has been interesting to me since day one because I was learning about something that I had never heard of before. I had no prior knowledge about what hox zodiac was, but learning to associate individuals with the animal corresponding to the year in which they were born, and examining how individuals correlated with these animals such as in conduct was quite fascinating. 

In the course of my research on the things associated with this Chinese Zodiac sign, I came across various fascinating components that I believed were relevant to me such as the Rabbit’s preference in taste and eating regimen. The Rabbit’s preference in taste is sour and I enjoy sour foods such as sour candies (sour patches, sour skittles, sour gummy worms) and lemons because I find the taste refreshing, making my mouth feel fresher. In regards to the Rabbit’s eating regimen, the vast majority of food items are items that already make up a large portion of my diet such as oranges, lemons, spinach, broccoli, corn, potatoes, fish, salads, and citrus fruits.

As I was doing additional research on my Chinese Zodiac Sign, I discovered that Earth is my element based on the year I was born in categorizing me as an Earth Rabbit. Something that I found relevant to me from the description of Earth Rabbits is that they are “very frank, straightforward, and hardworking”. I always like to give my open and honest opinions to anyone, that is a friend or a stranger, when they have asked for it, which leads them to say, “Thank you for being straightforward with me.” I consider myself also a hard-working person and have been labeled this by my friends, family, professor, and manager because every deadline I set, I meet. They see my determination and my commitment in anything I do and I am glad to have individuals recognize me for these wonderful qualities. 


Another thing I discovered while doing research on my Chinese Zodiac Sign was that Rabbit’s are best suited for careers that involve art, music, architecture, literature, nursing, observation, or that require attention to detail due to their empathetic and artistic feeling. When I read this research, I was shocked because I have chosen a career-path that falls within this description even though I wasn’t aware of this research. As a future nurse, it will always be required of me to do a comprehensive assessment of a patient. This involves examining every part of the patient's body and putting myself in their shoes to better understand their needs. I truly feel that I am an empathetic person and it’s nice to know that because of my personality trait, I will be a great fit to the healthcare setting according to this research. 


The last thing I discovered from doing research on my Chinese Zodiac Sign was that the best romantic partners for Rabbits are Dogs, Sheeps, or Pigs. I’m fortunate to say that my romantic partner was born in February of 1995 making his Chinese Zodiac Sign a Pig. Something that I found relevant to our relationship from the description of a Rabbit and Pig’s romantic relationship is that “Rabbits and Pigs are also capable of building effective relationships since they can evoke each other’s interests and sympathies.” I’ve truly seen this in my personal relationship everyday since the age of 11. 


To see the numerous characteristics of my Chinese Zodiac Sign relevant to my personal life is shocking. I am eager to continue learning not only about my Chinese Zodiac Sign, but about other animals and how  individuals correlate with these animals.,-Chinese%20zodiac%20signs&text=The%20best%20romantic%20partners%20for,the%20sign%20of%20the%20Rabbit.


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