Honoring the Snake on EARTH day - Carolyn CC Hart




ABOUT Carolyn CC Hart: I'm a neurodiversity advocate, an artist, an author, and licensed massage therapist. My senses are intertwined via synaesthesia, a neurocognitive difference, which informs my writing, my visual art, my costume design, and my long career in manual therapy. I am continuing to learn how my divergent brain creates both opportunities and obstacles, and I support the argument that neurodiverse traits are not pathologies, but represent part of the spectrum of human somatosensory, intellectual, and cognitive experience. I am a founding member of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists, where I serve as the IASAS secretary. I've practiced therapeutic massage for more than 30 years, and feel that my sensory sensitivities have helped me thrive in my hands-on career.


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