Week 10-Final Hox Zodiac Eat or Be Eaten Feast

For my final meal I decided to pick a few food options based off of the 2021 Hox Zodiac calendar that are believed to be good for Tigers. I only chose food options that were orange in color as to symbolize Tigers which are often seen to be orange with black stripes. 

The three food options I chose were 

  1. chicken (with turmeric-turns the chicken an orange-ish yellow)

  2. carrots 

  3. Orange peppers



The chicken was the first thing I prepared which I seasoned with turmeric for additional flavor and because it is listed as a herb believed to be good for Tigers. I often try to eat organic meats when I can, so I typically will buy my meat at Whole Foods. One thing I recently found out that I thought was really interesting, is that all chicken, pork, beef and turkey that Whole Foods sells comes from particular farms that have to have achieved certification to “Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program” which means that farmers as well as ranchers have to meet at least 100 specific animal welfare standards. A few of these regulations prohibit antibiotics or growth hormones to be injected into these animals. Animals cannot be left in small crates or cages and have to spend at least ⅔ of their lives outdoors. Whole Foods takes pride in allowing their customers to know where the animals were raised as well as how they were raised. 


Turmeric is a very common herb. It has been used as a spice and medicinal herb in India for thousands of years. Turmeric is often believed to be an herb that can counteract or prevent cancer.


Carrots- There are many various uses of carrots. You can eat them raw, cook them with oil and salt, use them in cakes and you can even juice them and drink them. Carrots are also supposed to prevent cancer and help with bone health. Carrots also contain Vitamin A which can counteract vision problems (if one is deficient in Vitamin A) . A lack of Vitamin A can cause vision issues such as Xerophthalmia (a quite severe eye disease) so carrots are often encouraged to eat frequently so these issues don’t occur. A couple additional facts I learned about carrots that I thought were interesting is that they are made up of around 88% water, carrot seeds are so small that you can fit around 2,000 of them into one teaspoon and the last thing I found quite surprising is that cooked carrots are supposedly healthier for you then eating them raw. 


The last thing that I included in my meal was an orange bell pepper. I noticed that bell peppers were on the list of foods that are supposed to be good for Tigers and funny enough I Looovvveee bell peppers. I could honestly eat them with every meal. Whenever I am hungry for a snack I usually will go for bell peppers with hummus instead of going for an unhealthy snack. They make me feel good and light (not bloated like I would feel if I stuck to just eating chips) and the combination with the hummus actually fills me up (which is honestly hard to do). While I was looking up the health benefits of bell peppers, I found some interesting facts about them that I wanted to share. First, while orange, yellow and red bell peppers are often seen to be most common, there is such a thing as a purple bell pepper which is far less common. Another thing that I thought was crazy (maybe only to me because apparently my little sister knew this too) but there is no such thing as a green bell pepper. Green bell peppers are just unripe red/orange/yellow bell peppers. 

IMG-8108 (1).jpg

How I prepared this meal:

  1. I picked up the ingredients (chicken, carrots and an orange bell pepper) needed for my meal at my local Whole Foods Market. 

  2. I came home and started to cook the chicken. I sautéed the chicken on a frying pan with avocado oil and let it sit for around 2 minutes. I sprinkled a bit of turmeric on top and let it sit for an additional 10 minutes or so until the chicken was fully cooked. I then sprinkled salt and pepper on the chicken for additional flavor.

  3. I rinsed a few carrots as well as the bell pepper

  4. Then I cut the carrots and bell pepper into long pieces.






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