The Chinese Zodiac -Tiger, Ox, and Rat (Blog Post #1)

Hello, my name is Aimee Schevers and I am a fourth year American Literature and Culture major. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger as I was born in 1998. The Tiger is a unique animal and after reading through the myths on the Hox Zodiac website I see that Tigers are often believed to be the incarnation of former sinners. I thought that was quite interesting as I had never heard that about Tigers before. 

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I also learned that Tiger parts have been used in the past for treating diseases and ailments. While I could see how the Tiger bones and teeth may be useful for a variety of reasons, I was surprised to see that their eyes and whiskers too were included in this. I enjoyed reading through the personality traits associated with the Tiger, while some traits were pretty accurate in my opinion, others were not. While I would say that I am a sensitive and calm person (most of the time) I wouldn’t say that I am a “territorial” or “possessive” person at all.


The Ox was also very interesting to read about. I was quite fascinated and equally disturbed to learn about Mad Cow Disease (a fatal brain disease in cattle) and the effects that this can have on someone who consumes this diseased meat. I enjoyed reading about the myths surrounding the Ox, specifically the belief that the bull was the first one to bring water to earth by digging very deep into the ground.


While the Tiger and Ox have many differences, one thing that stuck out to me was that word for Ox (under I Ching) was "sensing" while the word for Tiger was "thinking". While these are two very different concepts  I think both ideas are incredibly important as both thinking and sensing go hand in hand. While it’s important to think through situations, it’s also important to use your senses when sussing out a particular situation. Both of these concepts are quite equally important and work collectively with one another.


I really enjoyed learning more about the science surrounding the Rat. While I knew that rats and other rodents were commonly used for experimentation I didn’t realize just how many various fields of research rats were used for. As is listed on the Hoc Zodiac website, rats are used for “Cancer research, genetics, immunology, virology, the behavioral sciences, aging, HIV/AID’s, Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, diabetes, obesity...” just to name a few. 

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