Monkey 猴 (hóu)

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Monkeys as Therapists??

Hola, my name is Robin! I am originally from Fengcheng City, China, but my parents adopted me and brought me to Sacramento, CA. I am a freshman at UCLA and majoring in cognitive science which is extremely interdisciplinary (hence the reason I chose it). I was born in 2004 which makes my animal sign the monkey!! Monkeys are awesome because similar to the dragon, they are both determined to perform above average, and they also make a wonderful couple as they make the best of one another's positive forces. 

Year of the Monkey

Hi! My name is Victoria, and I am a first-year biochemistry major! I was born in 2004 which was the year of the monkey. I took this class because I have always been really interested in food studies. Food plays such a large role in our lives, and I think that it’s a mistake to overlook its place in fields such as science, art, and history. I thought this class would be a great opportunity to look at the connection between Chinese zodiac signs and food.

Monkey Bread and Animal Crackers 

Above is al ink to a dessert called Monkey Bread.  My family and I have it Christmas day.  I always wondered why it was called Monkey Bread and never looked it up until now.  There seem to be differing theory, but one of my favorite is that a slang term for snack food in the 1950s was "monkey food" and that because this bread pulls apart into little bit size pieces it is like a snack. 


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