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Pig - Chileajo

For my blog for this week, I want to share a dish from my culture. The dish is called Chileajo (Chee-Lya-Ho) and originates from my parents’ birthplace of Oaxaca, Mexico. This version of the dish is from my mother’s region of Oaxaca called La Mixteca.

The Horse!

Horses are a part of the taxonomic family Equidae which includes horses, donkeys, zebras. Basically, Equidae can be characterized through their manes, slender legs and stocky body, and hooves. 

Rabbit, Snake, Dragon (Blog Post #2)

In the last meeting, we discussed the relationship between the rabbit and the moon. The moon does have a weird imprint on it that does look like a rabbit, but we also talked about the Jade Rabbit. The story goes that the jade emperor, an important figure in Chinese mythology, turned himself into a starving old man and begged for food from different animals.

The Horse and The Ox

Hi everyone!
My name is Diego Nunez-Leon and I am a first-year Environmental Science major. I’m from Mid-City, Los Angeles though my parents are from Oaxaca, Mexico where a variety of animals are eaten depending on the city. I was born in 2002 so my Chinese Zodiac is the Horse. 

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