Bridging Cultures and Traditions through Food: Exploring the Hox Zodiac Feast from a cultural' perspective

Hox Zodiac is an exciting way to combine science and humanities through one of the most fulfilling sources of expression: Food. In many cultures, food holds a very sacred place in many cultures, and often is the center of festivities. Ex: Thanksgiving in the United States is a holiday celebrated with a large feast, in Italy, Sundays are celebrated with a long meal with many courses. Through my time in this class, I have learned about animals and their food habits, as well as the traditions related to these animals in various cultures, not just limited to the Chinese zodiac. 

My favorite thing about the Hox Zodiac Feast is the way it bridges cultures. By creating a zodiac system that encompasses animals from all around the world, the project invites people from different cultural backgrounds to come together and share their unique perspectives. Since everyone's story is unique, there is always something new and interesting to learn from one.

As a monkey born in 2004, I would like to share my experience and some of the foods I would offer. As a monkey in the Chinese Zodiac, my associated foods are spicy and the Kapha Ayurveda. Along with that, my associated organ is the bladder, and this suggests that I need to consume warm and light food so that digestion is easy. 

I personally enjoy eating spicy food, dark chocolate, and seafood, which go along with my Monkey Zodiac. I would probably offer a spicy chicken curry made with ginger, turmeric, and chili pepper. These often go well together and aid in boosting immunity and digestion. As a drink, I would offer shots of cranberry juice. I like drinking cranberry juice for its taste and its benefits for the digestive system. Finally, as an avid chocolate enjoyer, for dessert, I would offer my favorite: 96% dark raspberry sea salt chocolate along with banana bread(or some combination of both!). 

On the cultural side of things, I would like to talk about food in Hinduism. Like many other cultures, Food is a big symbol of cultural heritage and tradition. The foods we offer during festivals and religious ceremonies often have symbolic representations. For example, it is believed that the monkey deity, Hanuman, is fond of bananas. Bananas are a symbol of fertility and abundance in Hindu culture. Therefore, offering bananas to Hanuman is a way of seeking his blessings for abundance and fertility. Similarly in a Hox Zodiac feast, offering bananas may be a way of connecting with peers or seeking blessings from an elder.

To represent my Hindu Heritage I could offer could be a dish made with ingredients that are known for their nourishing and strengthening properties, like almonds, nuts, fish, and quinoa.

In conclusion, the Hox Zodiac Feast is a fantastic way to bridge cultures and traditions through food. As a Hindu monkey born in 2004, I find it fascinating how my associated foods align with my personal preferences. Food plays an essential role in Hinduism, and the symbolic representations of food are an integral part of the culture.


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