What I enjoyed about our last discussion!

During our last meeting of the quarter students from another one of Professor Vesna's classes came in and gave presentations about food that was significant to them. Their project was to host a HOX zodiac dinner of their own and present about what they prepared and why. They also offered some bites to the class, which I really enjoyed. 

I really enjoyed the presentation about Kimchi and especially loved trying some different kinds of Kimchi. I found it very fascinating to learn about fermentation from a health perspective. I was blown away by the fact that there are over 200 kinds of kimchi. I loved all of the kimchi that I tried, but my personal favorite was the radish. I also really love that this presentation incorporated a list of recommended authentic restaurants in Koreatown that make their own kimchi. I have actually been to one of the restaurants that was recommended and I am looking forward to trying the rest out!

Another presentation that stood out to me was the presentation about Bread. The people presenting had prepared three different types of bread, with ingredients such as rice that I did not know could even be used to make bread. I really enjoyed learning about the historical and religious implications of bread and comparing this with the health perspective. Turns out that rice bread is actually very good for soothing the stomach because of the low fiber and the ability to absorb fluid. 

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