Week 9 - Group Presentations

Hox Zodiac - The Year of the Dragon and Snake

This was an interesting presentation focused on the Zodiac signs, the Dragon and Snake, and their specific food palettes. I learned that the Year of the Snake tend to incorporate foods with a bitter taste so wheat, barley, and buckwheat noodles are ideal.

In terms of the presentation's aesthetics, I thought it was clever to incorporate color schemes that were complementary to the Zodiac signs (brown to represent the Dragon and red to represent the Snake).

I thought it was quite creative to include a table setup that had moss to represent Earth as part of the Dragon and candles to represent Snake. Even the orchids were specific to the Zodiac signs which was nice. 

I especially liked the comradery that was represented at the dinner table (an essential part of Korean and Chinese culture) by sharing home-cooked meals with friends.

The cucumber corn salad and buckwheat noodles were definitely a new and refreshing experience. 

My one critique would be to maybe put the information on the slides in bullet point form so it is easier for the audience to digest the information. 

Overall, a really fun concept and presentation!


The Rise of Bread

Absolutely loved the title!

I was fascinated by this presentation because it made me realize how deeply ingrained bread is in our history. Even though it is a dish made of three very simple ingredients, it is enough for a human being to survive on. This makes bread an important symbol of satiety, as evident in the French Revolution and Arab Spring. 

There were three types of bread that were focused on: wheat, corn and rice. I found the rice bread particularly interesting because I did not think it was possible to make bread from rice so it was interesting to see that creation. 

I liked how pictures of the bread-making process were included and the final poster turned out amazing!

My one critique would be to maybe put the information on the slides in bullet point form so it is easier for the audience to digest the information. 

Loved this presentation :)



The title definitely captured my attention.

This presentation was all about kimchi and I was quite surprised to learn that there are over a hundred different types of kimchi because I was only familiar with two at most. I liked how there was that connection of comradery with the first presentation as kimchi is a staple traditional side dish that is shared among family or friends at the dinner table.

Dating all the way back to the Goryeo period and henceforth undergoing significant transformations, it was intriguing to see how kimchi was popularized into modern culture through exposure in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and the Korean Wave (K-pop). It was great to see how versatile kimchi is as it can be incorporated into fried rice, stew, pancakes, and many more. The food was spectacular, especially the kimchi pancake. 

The information on the slides was presented in a concise, bullet-point format which made it really easy to follow.

My one critique would be to maybe include more information on the story of Princess Sukseon as I wanted to know more about her backstory in reference to the creation of radish kimchi. 

In the end, this was a very informative presentation and the food was delicious :)

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