Jim Gimzewski, nanoscientist (Scotland/USA) offers Haggis to the Rabbit!


Jim Gimzewski, nanoscientist (Scotland/USA) offers Haggis to the Rabbit! @jimmybooz 
“This is the best vegetarian haggis I’ve tried. Even regular haggis is infrequently not really good. But I had people convinced they were eating real haggis with this recipe and now it’s my favorite. Traditionally, it is served on Burns Supper (Robert burns Poët) every January 25th.”
- 50 g of green split peas 
- 50 g of pearl barley
- 90 g of pinhead oatmeal
- 50 g of butter
- one large onion
- one large carrot 
- 75 g of button mushrooms
- 400 mL of vegetable broth
allspice powder, a lot of black pepper or white pepper. I prefer white pepper in this case. It is one part of the flavor to be able to taste the pepper. 
- 1 tablespoon full of marmite
- a dash of soya sauce
- Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 tsp
- ultra finely diced, orange zest
- watercress leaves

Preparation: Soak peas the day before. Boil barley and peas 30 to 45 minutes. They should be al dente. melt 30 g of butter and gently saute the finely diced onion and carrot. The dice should be 3 mm. cook until soft. add finely diced mushroom sauté and add more butter for 5 minutes and then the rest of the ingredients, add 300 mL of stock and cook simmer. stir in the barley and cook in a greased dish for 30 minutes. Add more stock if it needs it. It should have the consistency of stiffish porridge so I like to add it gradually. 

Served with mashed potatoes made from cream, butter, nutmeg salt and finely chopped chives. Also serve with neeps. these are yellow turnips, which are cooked and finely mashed with some olive oil and salt and pepper. 

The sauce is optional. Sauté finely diced shallot, add half a cup of white wine add white pepper, salt, and dried thyme and reduced to 1 tablespoon. Then add 30 g of butter and a shot of malt whiskey, flambé, and cook further with some cream and reduced your desired consistency; optionally add a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

Serving using two spoons, you can create three equal shapes. Alternatively, if you use a circular open mold, then you can layer haggis, neeps and potato and eat layers. Remove the mold and add the sauce and garnish around the edges with watercress leaves. 

I used a tuna fish can with both ends removed as an open circular mold in a pinch.


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