Last Class :(

I really admired how much thought and dedication went into the projects presented. Above all, I loved that students were able to express their culture, stories, and memories through a shared meal, and others had the opportunity to learn about their friends on a deeper level. In the first presentation, the food looked absolutely jaw-droppingly delicious. The buckwheat noodles, fish sauce, and the little decoration of green onions were delicious, and the aesthetically pleasing cucumber salad with vinegar and sesame oil was just what I needed. In the second presentation, cleverly titled "The Rise of Bread" was really intriguing and it brought a sense of appreciation for the role of bread in so many cultures around the world. The crumbly corn bread may not have been the taste that we were used to, but eating it was like going back in time for a split second, back before gluten and sweeteners. I had to leave before the last presentation, unfortunately. 

I'm so glad I took this class because it created a place of learning, appreciation, and comfort during every meeting. 

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