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Hi, My name is Viviana Velasquez, and I am a fourth year studying Nursing at UCLA. I was born on April 26, 2001, making my Chinese Zodiac animal the Snake. I had never really studied the Chinese Zodiac before and was only familiar with it because I would see it on occasional visits to Chinese restaurants growing up. I remember the Chinese Zodiac Animals were listed on the table place mats, and my family and I would always try to figure out who was what animal. However, despite knowing I was a Snake, I did not know any other information about what that meant in relation to food and taste.

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Through this Hox Zodiac class, I have learned a little bit more about the Snake. The Snake’s element is listed as fire under the Hox Zodiac website. However, after doing some research, I found that Snakes born in 2001 are actually metal snakes. Metal Snakes tend to be determined, confident, and are natural-born leaders. I would say that most of those are true, but I will say that being a leader took some practice for me. The Ox and Roosters are the zodiacs that tend to be the most compatible with the Snake. The Tiger, Rabbit, Goat, Pig, and other Snakes are least compatible with the Snake. It was reassuring to see that my boyfriend, who is a dragon, was not under this list of incompatible zodiacs. Snakes are a good fit for jobs that involve quick thinking and acting. I related to this because I like fast-paced environments and as a nursing student, I feel that it applies.

Something else I have learned about Chinese Zodiac is that the Snake is known for being a seducer of human being. When I learned about this, I immediately thought about the biblical figures Adam & Eve. Their story involved a snake, and it is commonly said that the snake seduced/tempted them. I really related to the fact that Snake people rely heavily on first impressions. I think I am someone who really values a first impression and relies on it heavily to make judgments about who I want as my company.

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In terms of the food, one of the first things I noticed under the Hox Zodiac website was that Snakes like to eat pasta. I love pasta, so when I read that, I knew there had to be some truth behind it. I thought it was interesting that the Snake is known for liking the bitter taste. I wouldn’t exactly say I have a sweet tooth, but I don’t know if bitter would be my first choice. However, I must say that I much prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. I also really enjoyed learning about the other zodiac signs and their preferences that were shared during class time. Like for example, since it’s the year of the rabbit, it was nice to learn that the rabbit likes citrus food and cherries. That was shared by my friend Emily, who is the only rabbit in the class. Overall, this course has allowed me to learn more about the Hox Zodiac and about people’s relationship with food. I am looking forward to 2025, the year of the Snake!

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