My experience at food studies

Hello, my name is Andrea Torres and I’m currently a 4th year nursing student born in August 2001, making me a snake. Before coming to this class, I never knew anything about any type of zodiacs but from this class I learned that hox zodiac is about the relationship with us and animals as food, companions, and lab experiments. 


According to the research I have done on the snake, I have learned that its meaning is that of wisdom and wit. Some of the positive characteristics that are seen in people that are born in the year of the snake is that they are wise, agile, discreet, attractive, and full of sympathy. When connecting with a snake, it is best to speak with them in the same way they will talk to you, with grace and charm. 


Along with the several qualities of the snake, there are also specific tastes that they lean forward to which are bitter tastes. Some of these things of which they eat is an iron rich diet, egg yolks, kidneys, all beans, avocado, onions, pasta, wheat, granola, cheese, and yogurts among other things. Some of the desserts include egg based desserts, dark chocolate, ice cream, plum, figs, and coconut. The herbs and spices include saffron, cumin, turmeric, and cilantro among others. Lastly, for some of the drinks they are drawn to include cider, lemon juice, beer or whiskey. I personally don't like a lot of these foods and drinks but perhaps some other people do. 


During our class, we all were told to bring in food that resembled our animal which for me as a snake, I combined two of the foods enjoyed by snakes, yogurt and granola. This is one of my favorite things to have in the morning. Then, for my drink I brought lemon gatorade because snakes favor drinks like lemon juice which I thought was what was closest to lemon juice and is also my favorite gatorade flavor. Also, it is interesting because I do really like lemon juice, I often put lemon juice in almost all of my foods and when I finish I typically just eat the whole lemon although people may find it better, I really enjoy it. 



From this experience, I learned what a dinner would look like for the hox zodiac. Initially, when I heard to only bring small portions I thought how were we going to get full on just small portions, but after just a few tries from what others had brought I got full pretty quickly. Although I didn’t try everyone’s snack, it was just nice to hear everyone’s story or what they would create using the food game. 


In summary, this class has taught me that hox zodiac is more than just what is your animal on the wheel, it is about gathering together as friends, celebrating the variety of foods there are around the world, and telling stories that gather everyone together. Through these events it brings people to share their stories and we get to learn more about each other and our similarities to the animal that fits within our birth year. 

I have attached some links I found on my animal, the snake: 

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