Sheep Dogs - My First Blog Post

Some friends of mine wanted me to take this class with them, and since it worked with my schedule, I didn't see a reason not to.

But once I attended the first class, I was taken aback by the content and found myself blown away by the study for a deeper connection to our food, and specifically the emphasis on zodiac signs.


My name is Jonathan Keung, I'm a second-year cognitive science major. Although my family is American, my family is Chinese, and I spent my early childhood living in China. So the story of the Chinese zodiac was something I knew about at a very young age, as well as the cultural concepts that came with it (story of nian, wearing red on your year, celebrating Chinese new year traditions, etc). Despite all of that, I don't think I ever really put much of an emphasis to understand what my zodiac sign meant, or how it defined me, as growing up, since me and all my friends were the same age, we were all sheep zodiacs, and that meant since all the people I knew other than my family was the same zodiac sign as me, I didn't really have exposure or a need to learn about the differences or it's importance. However, there have been a few instances where I've felt a connection to sheep, which possibly have been partially due to my zodiac sign:

Grilled Lamb Chops with Herb Sauce | Kitchn

Growing up, both my sisters hate lamb, while I really liked the flavor(and still do). Whenever I was sick I would crave a lamp soup dish from one of my favorite restaurants. Generally speaking, I, as many young boys do, really liked eating meat. Some of my favorite foods to name were pork dumplings, three cup chicken, Taiwanese beef noodle soup, and pork over rice. All the dishes included meat. However, when my family moved to America, my mom came across some disheartening videos regarding animal wellbeing in factory farms, leading my mother, my sister, and I all deciding to become vegetarian.

Cute baby lamb : r/Eyebleach

For almost six years, from the ages 10-16, I was a vegetarian, the reasons stemming from both environmentally conscious and animal cruelty purposes. Despite my friends jokingly unsupportive, constantly joking around and trying to encourage me to eat meat, I generally stayed true to my values and avoided eating meat, breaking only when I visited China and went to eat some old favorites. However, in my junior year of high school, I fell incredibly sick and resulted in myself losing 12 pounds, from an already skinny weight. Having high bodybuilding aspirations, this was deeply disheartening, and right after I recovered we went into Covid lockdown. Due to a combination of both me wanting to rapidly gain my weight back, as well as our family being in lockdown and unable to go eat at our favorite vegetarian restaurants, we all went back to eating meat, where I have continued to until now. The only exception to this is I no longer eat lamb, and this is because I did not know until my senior year of high school, that lamb was a word for baby sheep. I think both because of my zodiac, as well as finding out that information, I realized I was uncomfortable eating lamb. 

The Biggest Little Farm' documentary demonstrates need for ethical and  sustainable farming – THE EAGLE EYE

The second connection I have felt to sheep came in high school after I had watched the movie: The Biggest Little Farm. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that has not seen it, it is about a family who decides to move away from their city life and become farmers, and all the ups and downs that came with it. One discovery that really stuck out to me was the discovery of sheepdogs, also referred to as shepherd dogs. Although I'm a huge cat person, I always considered dogs my spirit animal, as I've always felt their energy embodied my character, and upon discovering there was a dog breed that protected herds of sheep and spent their lives surrounded by sheep, I felt deeply connected to those dogs, and have since considered them to by one of my favorite dogs. 


Those have been my connection to sheep, I am excited to continue learning about zodiac signs, and hope we can feast a great hox zodiac dinner.

Jonathan Keung

Winter 2023

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