Lara's First Blog Post - Sheep

Hi, my name is Lara and this is my first blog post! I am a cognitive science major and I decided to take this class because I love food and I am also interested in the zodiac. I was born in 2003 which makes me the year of the sheep.

Prior to this class, I never really knew much about the Chinese zodiac. In 8th grade however I was very into the monthly zodiac signs – Aries, Virgo, etc. When I learned that I was a sheep in the first meeting of this class I thought it was quite ironic. I had never really compared myself to a “sheep” in the way the Chinese zodiac might, but for some reason me and my roommate (who is also a sheep) dressed as sheep this most recent Halloween! More specifically, we dressed as the sheep from a game called Catan, which my roommates and I enjoy playing, but only the two of us who were sheep chose to dress as sheep.

Playing card from Catan game

Connecting the concept of sheep more to the food aspect of this class, it makes sense that lamb chops are the primary way that the sheep can “be eaten.” Another funny coincidence is I actually had lamb chops for dinner last night! Meanwhile my roommate who is a sheep, eats any meat other than lamb. She says she feels bad eating it and I’ve never really thought much of it until this class.

Lamb Chops with Rosemary and Garlic Recipe

On the contrary, of the foods that are supposed to be good for the sheep, I do love cauliflower, onions and tomatoes. However, most people love those. Some of the more unique food items on that list that I actually really love, like more than the normal person, are radishes and citrus fruits - specifically lemons. Often times in Japanese restaurants sushi is served on a platter with a little bit of daikon radish for furnishing. It makes me so sad to see the empty sushi plate being taken by the waiter with just the radish remaining. My friends actually make fun of me because when we go to the dining halls I will just fill a plate with lemon or lime wedges and either just eat them or squeeze them all into my water. Whenever I go home and there is freshly squeezed lemon juice in the fridge I get super excited!

Lemon Water

Reading more into what being a sheep actually meant, I was fascinated by how applicable the description of the sheep was to me. I am indeed a very creative person and I like to eat a “linner” (between lunch and dinner) between 1 and 3 pm. On the Hox Zodiac website, it mentions that the best time for sheep to eat is 13:00 to 15:00. Another aspect of the sheep’s personally that I actually really struggle with is that I “pull back when face with heavy decision making.” I am a really indecisive person and a lot of the times when I try not to make a difficult decision it backfires on me.





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