Honoring the SHEEP/GOAT - Janis Wilkins

Janis Wilkins, a native New Yorker, has been creating photographs, graphic designs and art for 35 years. Much of her work is informed by her extensive travels. She designs for ArtGraphica, where she is Creative Director. ArtGraphica creates branded logos with related print and online roll-outs, CD packages and promotions for foundations, record companies and businesses. Clients have included two International Symposiums on Micro-Finance and Restorative Justice, held in Cali, Colombia, attended by Nobel Prize winners, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Mohammad Yunus. In addition to design, her photographic portrait series of ten distinguished women form the visual basis for the recent Rizzoli book penned by Tziporah Salamon, “The Art of Dressing”. Her photographic and design work can be seen on many musical releases and print materials.

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