Honoring the Horse - Petia Morozov






Honoring the Horse Featured Petia Morozov - Sunday, June 5, 2022 

For over 30 years, Petia has been deploying design as a powerful tool to re-ignite curiosity and meaningful engagement with the world around us. She draws from her experiences in architecture, interiors, infrastructure, product design, retail branding, landscape, transportation, interaction design, systems thinking, place keeping and public programming to spark social, cultural and environmental worth in every project. MADLAB, DesignShed and DENSE serve as creative settings to affirm her commitment to design's catalytic potential. Petia worked with individuals, organizations, hotels, museums, and non-profit institutions to help them realize their vision, with projects ranging from innovative buildings, to cutting edge retail concepts, to custom light fixtures, to non-profit rebranding strategies, to traveling exhibitions.

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