Spam Musubi Rolls (Final Blog)

    My family cares about a lot, but I think the things I’ve been taught to value most highly are travel and food. From a young age I was taught how to appreciate different cultures across the world. My mothers parents were both adopted, so she doesn’t have a long understanding of her lineage, and my fathers parents really just lived the American dream. I never had a strong connection to my heritage other than my direct family, so we took joy in appreciating the culture’s of others.

    My parents are both school teachers, so we never had a lot of money growing up. Despite this, my parents still felt it was necessary to see the world and learn about it. We all had summers off, and we were going to make the most of it. We’ve been traveling as long as I can remember, be it by cross country road trips, packed into the family truck, or flying across the world, all seated by strangers so we don’t have to pay an extra fee. On one of our many escapades, we found ourselves in Las Vegas, Nevada on the way to the Colorado River. We stayed the night there in a casino, and my parents decided we would be trying something new. They took us to the “Aloha Grill”, a little Hawaiian pop-up store. They had lots of delicious food, but my absolute favorite one was the Spam Musubi Roll.

    My mother is a great cook and loves finding recipes for new food from different cultures, so she was very pleased with my excitement. I was completely enamored with the snack, convincing my parents to buy some extra’s to take on our trip. I ate it cold the next day, absolutely joyous. When we got home, my mom helped me figure out how to make it ourselves. We didn’t have the proper musubi maker for the shape, so we hollowed out the inside of a spam container and used a bottle of BBQ sauce as a press. 

    To this day, it’s still one of my favorite snacks. It brings back good memories of adventures and family and caring for one another. And, of course, it’s absolutely delicious.


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