Lamb winter dishes

Hi everybody, I want to share 2 lamb dishes with you guys, they are must-eat winter dishes in my family! I actually ate some of the leftover as lunch today. 

The first one is lamb dumplings. I made them with my roommates during the Lunar New Year Festival 2021. We made so much so we can froze some batches of them and eat them slowly throughout the final weeks. (Yes we are foodies but we are too lazy to cook from starch everyday, I am sure you can relate at some point.)  

My hometown is humid and cold during winter and traditionally lamb is consider full of Yang (sunny/positive/warmth-generating) energy, so it becomes a popular choice of food. My dad worked in many cities so he used to bring home a diverse range of spice and experiment with me in the kitchen. Here is what I love to put into ground lamb as dumpling fillings: 

cumin (popular in northwest China, especially Xingjiang areas)

Si Chuan peper (popular in southwest China)

Hua Jiao (a numbing-spicy peper corn that would give you a hint of kick!)

star clover + tsao-ko + cinnamon (not the one for dessert) + bay leave

oyster source and tiny amount of sugar

For the dumpling wrap, I only have one tip: avoid gluten free flour or you won't get the elastics wrap! We tried gluten free flour last year, it was so loosen no matter how long it was kneaded,  which is hard to make into a dough. If you really cannot consume gluten, you should try sticky rice flour as an alternative. 

And here we go, the lamb dumplings wrapped into 5 different shapes! (and yes aesthetic need is a basic need too!) 

The second one is braised lamb belly with water chestnut and Tofu Skin. The main seasoning is Red Furu (a type of fermitated soy bean seasonings pupolar in southern China). As the Furu source and sugar form a layer of glossy coat on the lamb, the tender, fatty, slow-cooked meet favor melt into the Tofu Skin but balanced by the refreshing water chestnut, the sweet aroma of mix spice dancing in the air... All of them are guaranteed to makes the winter extra cozy!

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