Super Horse

Horse breeding has allowed for mankind to pick and choose the strongest, fastest, most endurable and not to mention the most beautiful horses of the bloodline. As we saw in class, animal cloning is not something new and has been achieved in monkeys, sheep, and more relevant to this post, horses. Cloning of the best horses has been done. In the horse-racing world this was at first seen as an unfair advantage, but it soon came to light that genetics alone are not enough to win a race or be the best. Environmental factors, training, nutrition, and more all played significant roles in performance and horse health. This isn't surprising, given the role of epigenetics (i.e. what is written in your genetic code is just as important as how it's read, and how its read depends a lot on environmental cues).

Segue now into the present, there is an Argentinian firm by the name of Kheiron-Biotech that is using CRISPR to essentially introduce the favored wild-type genes that breeders are looking for so as to program horses to be stronger and healthier. This super horse is said to appear sometime soon as they have produced successful embryos with this gene-splicing method. 

This isn't the fist time genetic modifications have been used to reduce the amount of time and effort it would take to breed or produce something. A lot of our food today is genetically modified and proponents attribute the affordableness and widespreadedness of many of our staple products to this technique.

Here is the Argentinian firms website in which they offer genetic services like cloning and stem cell treatment for horses:

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