Monkey Bread and Animal Crackers 

Above is al ink to a dessert called Monkey Bread.  My family and I have it Christmas day.  I always wondered why it was called Monkey Bread and never looked it up until now.  There seem to be differing theory, but one of my favorite is that a slang term for snack food in the 1950s was "monkey food" and that because this bread pulls apart into little bit size pieces it is like a snack. 


Once I started thinking about animals and food I remembered animal crackers.  I have a very vivid memory of being in my pre-school play yard with a Barnum's Animal Cracker box strung around my shoulder like a purse.  I can't remember my parents ever buying animal crackers so this must have been a school event or something along those lines but I can remember being so amused at the crackers, taking them out one by one and figuring out what animal they were.  I especially remember I liked when they were broken because it was more challenging to determine what animal they were supposed to be.  I don't really believe that this memory has much significance, but it makes animal crackers very specifically nostalgic for me:)

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