Relation to the Rabbit and the Tiger--rat, ox, tiger

Hi, my name is Naana Boateng, and my zodiac sign is the Rabbit. While I was researching, i saw the myth of how the rabbit is related to the tiger which I thought was very interesting. Apparently, those who are tigers and rabbits tend to have a power struggle against each other, especially if there are romantic relationships involved. I can see this, as a rabbit is a timid and calm animal, whereas a tiger can be aggressive and overpowering. Once these two zodiac signs find a natural balance, they can form an amazing and powerful union. I thought that was super cool to learn, and can see in some ways that perspective can be true. 

Continually, while researching, I got interested in which signs and animals were compatible with each other and saw that the rat and the ox were very compatible. That was quite intriguing to see, because the rat and the ox are two very different species and complexes. 

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