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Hello everyone! My name is Sidhant Umbrajkar. I am a second year Biology major. I am from Edison, NJ, and my zodiac sign is the Dragon. 

Through learning more about my zodiac, I discovered the fact that there are higher birth rates of countries that use the Chinese Zodiac  during the year of the Dragon, because the babies are considered to be lucky and have desirable characteristics that supposedly lead to better life outcomes. Further research led me to learn that the dragons are desired because of the belief that they are powerful, ambitious, energetic, and make for great leaders. I find this fact particularly amusing because I would definitely characterize myself as ambitious and energetic. I also learned that one of the drawbacks to being a dragon is that dragons are relentless in their pursuit of their goals. I wouldn’t necessarily attribute my character with this trait, as I would also consider myself as a level headed individual.

One of the aspects I found to be particularly interesting is that 2020 is supposed to be a fortuitous year for the Dragon, in terms of career growth and prosperity. I’m not sure if I would agree with that prediction completely, as the COVID-19 Pandemic has been an annoyance for many workers who are now forced to stay at home. However, I would still agree that I have stayed productive during this time. Hopefully, I can improve during this quarantine.

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I think I can relate pretty well to another zodiac sign, the pig.

My father was born during the year of the pig and I believe that the resemblance between his personality and the personality traits of the pig zodiac are uncanny. For example, the pig is known to be down to earth and very realistic. My dad fits these traits pretty well because he is very level headed and knows how to function well in a team. In terms of family life, my dad puts everyone before himself and routinely makes sacrifices for the benefit of my mother and me. My father also knows how to budget well and maintain financial fitness, a trait that the pig is known to have. My father was born in 1971, the year associated with the element metal.

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In terms of the relationship between the pig and the dragon, it seems that the Chinese Pig and Dragon can have a happy relationship if they are willing to make some concessions. They can have an intimate relationship. These two also make great friends. In a way, I find that this interpretation is consistent with the relationship my father has with me. While we have our differences, we enjoy many of the same things which include watching movies, reading entertaining books, and making tasty food.

Another zodiac is the rat, and it is notable because it is the year of the rat. The rat, just like the rest of nature, has given us so many things. We use them in research trials to develop drugs and vaccines used to save lives. We use their olfactory abilities to detect landmines. We use them to maintain the ecosystem. Yet, we treat them with contempt purely for the nature of their existence. However, just like nature, the rat is both intelligent and resilient.


The true genius of the rat can be seen in Zodiac folklore, in which the small yet cunning rat wins the title of the first animal in the list of animals by hitching a ride on the Ox. Its resourcefulness is what has allowed it to come on top – the same way nature has always come out on top.  Our relationship with rats, along with the rest of nature needs to change drastically if we are to live better lives. The coronavirus is just one large symptom of a much bigger problem. We need to fundamentally change the way we look at nature and realize that in order for human beings to co-exist with nature, we must give nature its much needed respect. This would mean giving animals freedom, restoring ecosystems, and maintain atmospheric balance. Let’s all come together and let nature do its thing.


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