My name is Sydney Case (she/her) and I am a third year Anthropology student and plan on graduating at the end of the summer sessions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve moved from LA back to my family home. We live in the Central Valley of California which is a huge agricultural region of California (Figure 1). I live in the country surrounded by many different types of produce, the main three being almonds, peaches, and raisins (my home is actually on a raisin farm which belongs to my uncle!). While we maintain social distance, our food sources are coming from grocery trips every other week, as well as eggs from our six hens (Figure 2), and a planted garden (Figure 3). 

My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit (1999). As I researched the implications of this sign, I found some interesting aspects that I felt related to me. For example, the Rabbit's season is spring. Spring is my favorite season for the reason that it is thought of as the season of new birth. Spring is also when I believe my home looks the most beautiful, as all of the produce starts to blossom. The disease of the Rabbit is wind. In my life this makes perfect sense and actually correlates to the season being spring. My allergies are always very bad during this season because the wind stirs up all of the pollen brought on by the spring blossoms. The example of how I feel about the interaction of the Rabbits season and disease shows another aspect of how the Rabbit’s attributes relate to me, one of the questions a Rabbit is to ask itself is, “How can you change the negative to positive?” and Rabbits are also thought to look at the pros and cons from every angle. As you can see, even though the Rabbit’s season brings with it a difficult health season for myself, I still look at it as my favorite time of the year due to the many pros the also spring brings.

I found the food aspects of the Rabbits sign to relate to my personal tastes as well. The overarching taste of the Rabbit is sour, which has always been a favorite taste of mine. Almost all of the food items listed for the Rabbit’s menu are my things I really enjoy, for example oranges, lemons, walnuts, and almonds. In fact, lemons have been an obsession of mine since I was little. Also, I found that the fact that almonds were on this list to be very interesting, because as I mentioned earlier I live in a highly agricultural area where one of the most numerous crops is almonds- they are something I am quite literally surrounded by.

I wanted to relate the Rabbit to the Dog as dogs have always had a place in my life, my dad actually named me after an Australian Shepard that had a huge impact on him (Figure 4). Through my research, I believe the two signs compliment each other well. For example, the Rabbit is a yin while the Dog is a yang, which together is a whole. Also the taste for the Dog is sweet, while the Rabbit is sour which are complimentary tastes. Another thing I found complementary between Rabbits and Dogs is that the Rabbit's color is green, which matches the Dog's element of Earth, while the Dog’s color is brown which matches the Rabbits element of wood.

While doing research on the Rabbit, I was very surprised at how many elements of this Zodiac sign were applicable to my own life and I’m very excited to continue learning about the different signs of the Zodiac and how they relate to other’s lives as well.



Figure 1. A photo of my backyard, showing raisin vineyards.

Figure 2. My chickens that are used solely for family egg production (we don’t eat them or breed them).

Figure 3. A garden that was planted about two weeks ago, starting to grow.

Figure 4. A charcoal drawing my dad made of the dog I am named for (Sydney).



More photos of the raisin ranch.



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