Introduction and Relation to Other Animals

Hello all! My name is David Franco (they/them). I am a third year Sociology major with a potential minor in film. I am from Bellflower, CA, and my zodiac sign is the Rabbit. 


In researching my Zodiac sign, I found a quote which stated that “a plain and routine life is not [the rabbit’s] style.” I found this to be intriguing due to it’s relation to the current state of the world. A rabbit seems to crave surprises throughout their life, however, due to the pandemic and necessity to stay inside, surprises have become much harder to find, which is something I highly resonate with. I have noticed that finding routine during the pandemic is not comforting, as I quickly drop any routine I find, and change it to adapt to a new one.  


In further research of my sign, I also found that I am specifically the element of the “earth,” making myself an Earth Rabbit. Something I resonated with highly was the explanation that Earth Rabbits are “serious and realistic.” I have found that the quarantine has allowed more time for self reflection and as a result, I feel that I have become more grounded (no pun intended in relation to being “an earth rabbit”). Interestingly though, my research has also resulted in finding many explanations that I did not resonate with as much, such as being “soft spoken,” or “timid.” However, I then call into question whether I am as grounded as I believe, as I may exhibit these characteristics without being aware of it. Overall, my research has caused a lot of realizations, and has pushed me to think about my sign as a rabbit further. 


I want to relate my zodiac animal to actually two others on the wheel: the dog and the ox.

Growing up, I was raised in a household full of strong women. My grandma was the sole provider, putting a roof over our head and making sure we always had food to eat. Growing up alongside me were my three older sisters. Though I occasionally fought with, and sometimes still fight with, my three sisters, I still highly respect them for accomplishing so much in their lives. Finally, there is my mom. My mom is one of my heroes, who not only did an amazing job raising me and all of my sisters by herself, but did so while also maintaining her own life and keeping the house in order. Overall, I am very grateful to have had such powerful role models in my life. That being said, I realized that all six of us have an animal in common with one another. My mom shares the ox with my oldest sister, my grandma shares the dog with the sister closest in age to me, and I share the rabbit with my second oldest sister. 


In researching the effects that zodiac animal signs can have on familial relationships, I found that there needs to be a balance between the larger animals and the smaller animals, or else animosity is likely to manifest. I definitely saw these struggles growing up, as my older sister and mom got along very well and exhibited their power directly towards us smaller animals, which sometimes resulted in conflict. However, I often noticed that we all got along the most when there was mutual respect from both us smaller animals and the larger animals, understanding that the smaller animals did not react well to being dominated so much, but also allowed for an appropriate amount of power coming from the larger animals.  


My Grandma and I (she is a dog)

My mother and I (she is an Ox)


My sisters and I (Ox, Rabbit, and Dog)



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