Considering the Implications of Eating Horse (Blog Entry #3)


I checked out this YouTube video from the channel "seeker" which appears to be a re-uploaded video of an on the streets style interview by discovery news. The main point of the video is the interviewer going around asking if people have ever eaten, or would ever be okay eating horse meat. It's an interesting question, and most people respond with a responding no. There's a few people who say yes, but they are the outlier.

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Interesting Facts about Horses and Sheep:


There are more than 400 different breeds of horses. Horses can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. I also read that horses apparently have the largest eyes of all animals that live on land. It can take up to around a year to regrow their hooves.


Reflections on the Snake, Dragon, and Rabbit

As an art history major, the scientific aspects that we discussed during our last meeting were very interesting, but also quite obscure and new to me. I found it fascinating that despite all our differences, all humans and animals are much more alike than one may think—given that our bodies are all structured according to the same set of hox genes.

Horse, Sheep, Monkey

Although I am the year of the horse, for this blog I am going to focus on the Sheep.  In the article we read for this week's class, there was a segment about the relationship between animals and humans in special regards to a farming situation.  There was a quote that struck me which was, "The were subjected and worshiped, bred and sacrificed."  As someone who has no farm experience and only knows animals through the lense of observing them in nature or as pets and who only knows food through the lense of going to a grocery store or farmers mar

Thoughts on the Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake

I was reading about how the Chinese zodiac animals were sequenced. When the Jade Emperor decided he wanted twelve animals to be his guards, he set up a race to his Heavenly Gate. The order the animals arrived would represent their ranking. It was no surprise to me that the rabbit would be arrogant about his speed and considering the rabbit was making fun of the ox for being slow, the rabbit got his comeuppance for finishing after the ox.

Second Blog Post: Rabbits for Science? What about Dragons and Snakes?

            Moving on to the next three animals on the HOXZODIAC wheel, we begin with the rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit represents the moon, some say because the shadows of the moon resemble a rabbit. Others say it’s because of the rabbit’s pure characteristics. This is not to mention that in Western Culture, the rabbit’s foot is considered lucky. Rabbits are earnest with everything they do; they just ask that others treat them the same way.

First Blog

Hi guys! My name is Mehreen Uranious and I’m a first-year student majoring in Biology. I was born in October of 2002 so my Chinese zodiac is the Horse. I have actually never looked into Chinese zodiacs before and I am excited to learn more! Zodiac signs have always been of interest to me and it’s always fun to look at and compare personalities to what the zodiac falls under. In the last class, we learned about the rat, ox, and tiger.

The Chinese Zodiac- Tiger, Ox and Rat (Camille Blog Post 1)

Hello!  My name is Camille Sytko and I am a first year at UCLA studying Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics.  I was born in June of 2002 and so my Chinese Zodiac animal is the Horse.  I am very new to the Chinese Zodiac system and actually did not know my animal was a Horse until I looked it up for this class so I am excited to learn more!  I used the Hox Zodiac link to look into the foods that correlate with the horse sign and I was amazed to see how much correlation there tur

The Chinese Zodiac—Dragon, Rat, Ox, and Tiger

Hello! My name is Edwin and I’m a third-year Art History major. I was born in 2000 and my Chinese zodiac sign is the Dragon. Reading through the personality traits associated with my zodiac sign was quite amusing since some of them were spot-on while others completely missed the mark. I definitely agree with the notion that dragons are idealists and perfectionists as I generally hold myself to a very high standard regardless of what I’m doing; however, I also do wonder how much of the latter is tied to genetics and/or to the environment in which I was brought up.

The Horse, Rat, Ox, and Tiger

Hello there! My name is Abbie Burrus, and I was born in 2002, the year of the horse. I’ve always found the Chinese zodiac to be fascinating, and the patterns you see among people born in certain years is a very interesting thing to note. Even if a lot of it is just acting on coincidences, the collections of people and personalities are fun to investigate nevertheless.


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