The Horse ... El Caballo

My name is Isabela Vega, and I am a 3rd year undergraduate studying physiological science and Spanish. My animal sign is a horse. The horse relates to the dragon in that they are both Yang signs, so they embody light and positivity. As a horse, I partially identify with Yang in that I try to see small wins and hope in situations, but not all the time.

Bridging Cultures and Traditions through Food: Exploring the Hox Zodiac Feast from a cultural' perspective

Hox Zodiac is an exciting way to combine science and humanities through one of the most fulfilling sources of expression: Food. In many cultures, food holds a very sacred place in many cultures, and often is the center of festivities. Ex: Thanksgiving in the United States is a holiday celebrated with a large feast, in Italy, Sundays are celebrated with a long meal with many courses.

Final Blog Post

Throughout the quarter,  Professor Vesna was an excellent lecturer who showed a genuine interest in the concept of Hox zodiac. I learned a lot from her, and I discovered how important the Hox Zodiac is to our identity. I honestly didn't know much about the Hox Zodiac, nor did I realize there were certain dishes associated with each zodiac. Because this lesson was so engaging, I decided to learn more about my zodiac sign.

Last Class

For our last class, Professor Vesna invited students from her Design Media Arts class to give a presentation about their own HOX Zodiac dinners that they hosted and a type of food that was important to the group. Similar to our own class meeting, they also brought in food to share with the class. 

Horse Zodiac and Mythology

Hi my name is Emma and I'm a third year student studying Anthropology as my major and Food Studies as my minor. I have always been passionate about food, and specifically the intersection of food culture and science. This class has been incredibly fascinating to me as it has showed me so many new ways in how they are connected. 

Last Class :(

I really admired how much thought and dedication went into the projects presented. Above all, I loved that students were able to express their culture, stories, and memories through a shared meal, and others had the opportunity to learn about their friends on a deeper level. In the first presentation, the food looked absolutely jaw-droppingly delicious. The buckwheat noodles, fish sauce, and the little decoration of green onions were delicious, and the aesthetically pleasing cucumber salad with vinegar and sesame oil was just what I needed.

A "Balanced" Diet

I didn't really have a specific dish, snack, fruit or drink in mind that I wanted to expand on and attempt to connect to the rest of this course. Rather, I wanted to look at food as a whole in retrospect. I wanted to look at what I've been taught and what I know about food and compare and connect it to this course. Specifically the idea of a balanced diet. Full disclosure I am not a dietitian and these are of course my humble thoughts. Do with that what you may.

Lamb winter dishes

Hi everybody, I want to share 2 lamb dishes with you guys, they are must-eat winter dishes in my family! I actually ate some of the leftover as lunch today. 

The first one is lamb dumplings. I made them with my roommates during the Lunar New Year Festival 2021. We made so much so we can froze some batches of them and eat them slowly throughout the final weeks. (Yes we are foodies but we are too lazy to cook from starch everyday, I am sure you can relate at some point.)  


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