Snake 蛇 (shé)

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My First Blog

Hi, My name is Viviana Velasquez, and I am a fourth year studying Nursing at UCLA. I was born on April 26, 2001, making my Chinese Zodiac animal the Snake. I had never really studied the Chinese Zodiac before and was only familiar with it because I would see it on occasional visits to Chinese restaurants growing up. I remember the Chinese Zodiac Animals were listed on the table place mats, and my family and I would always try to figure out who was what animal.

First Blog Post - What I have learned

Hello, my name is Patricia and I am a snake. That always feels weird to say because of the social connotation of the word “snake” as someone who might be evil, a traitor, cunning or disloyal. However, through my own research I found that traits associated with the snake include being charming, introverted, smart, deep-thinkers and generous.


A Snake in San Diego

Hi class!


As this is also my first blog post, I would like to start by introducing myself! :) My name is Samuelu (I go by Sammy) and I am a first year Psychology major. I was born in 2001 (the Year of the Snake) and raised in the beautiful city of Oceanside, California (the northern area of San Diego County).


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