Rabbit 兔 (tù)

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Final Blog: Group Presentation Feedback

On March 7, 2023, which was our last day of class, Professor Vesna invited a few students from her Design Media Arts class to present their final projects to us which were related to food and hox zodiac. The first presentation was by Charles and Rachel, the second presentation was by Colette and Peyton, and the final presentation was by Aileen, Junie and Stella.

First Blog - Introduction & Further Research About Rabbits

Hello, my name is Emily Mendez (she/her) and I’m a fifth year nursing major from North Hills, California. I was born in the month of December of 1999 so my Chinese Zodiac Sign is a Rabbit. This class has been interesting to me since day one because I was learning about something that I had never heard of before.

Relation to the Rabbit and the Tiger--rat, ox, tiger

Hi, my name is Naana Boateng, and my zodiac sign is the Rabbit. While I was researching, i saw the myth of how the rabbit is related to the tiger which I thought was very interesting. Apparently, those who are tigers and rabbits tend to have a power struggle against each other, especially if there are romantic relationships involved. I can see this, as a rabbit is a timid and calm animal, whereas a tiger can be aggressive and overpowering.

Introduction and Thoughts on Rabbits

Hi! My name is Jaz Stringfellow (they/them) and I’m a third year music education major from Ventura County. I am the year of the rabbit. I was interested in this class because I’ve always enjoyed cooking starting in high school, when I’d have to figure out how to feed myself after school. Cooking and preparing food has always been a creative outlet for me because my empty stomach always pushed me to think outside the box and create things in a way I still have trouble with as a musician.

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