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WELCOME to Honors 177: Biotech & Art!

Hope you had a good break (so short!), and -- welcome to Honor 177: Biotechnology & Art class!

Please note: We will not meet this Thursday and instead, I would like you to login into the class website, view the assigned introductory lectures and readings and write your first blog. If your schedule permits, I encourage you to go and hear Art Sci center alumni Pinar Yoldas talk about her work that involved collaborations between art & biological sciences. Do include your response to her lecture in your blog if you plan to attend!

Beekeepers Reported Losing 42 Percent Of Honeybee Colonies Last Summer

First of all -- your blogs on the bee workshop are great -- I need a volunteer to pull them all into one document and save as a pdf so we can send it to Jason Fahrion. He will be so happy to see the impact he made! Also, just the other day, NPR had a whole feature on the alarming rate of bee colony collapse -- 42% -- in the last year! Hear and read: 


BioFiction in Vienna

On Wednesday I met with Markus Schmidt who directs the BioFiction program. I discussed bringing the film program to UCLA and it looks promising! In the meantime, check out their website and some online videos!

Ars Electronica blog

Ars Electronica Blog

"The jurors are deliberating, the producers are scheduling, the artists are creating, the kids are playing and the programmers are developing. Wherever you look—Prix, Festival, Futurelab, Center or Solutions—there are noteworthy happenings in every one of Ars Electronica’s divisions. So feast your eyes on the latest newsletter to get updated on our current activities."

First Week!

It was great to meet everyone and notice the repeating thread: Hiking, Baking and Dance! We will have to incorporate these activities into Biology + Technology + Art and it will be easy considering that food is our focus. We will forage, cook / bake and dance in this class :)


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