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Week 10-Final Hox Zodiac Eat or Be Eaten Feast

For my final meal I decided to pick a few food options based off of the 2021 Hox Zodiac calendar that are believed to be good for Tigers. I only chose food options that were orange in color as to symbolize Tigers which are often seen to be orange with black stripes. 

The three food options I chose were 

  1. chicken (with turmeric-turns the chicken an orange-ish yellow)

Class 4 (Week 8) Rooster, Dog, Pig

I really enjoyed learning about pigs. A few interesting facts I learned about them were that pigs skin is very sensitive and so one of the reasons they roll around in mud is in order to prevent getting a sunburn. Piglets can learn their mother’s voice and their mother’s will often sing to them to try and get them to fall back to sleep. Another interesting fact is that pig blood could keep humans alive if it was transfused into one’s body. The last and most shocking fact I learned is that pigs can supposedly be taught how to play video games!

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Interesting Facts about Horses and Sheep:


There are more than 400 different breeds of horses. Horses can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. I also read that horses apparently have the largest eyes of all animals that live on land. It can take up to around a year to regrow their hooves.


The Chinese Zodiac -Tiger, Ox, and Rat (Blog Post #1)

Hello, my name is Aimee Schevers and I am a fourth year American Literature and Culture major. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger as I was born in 1998. The Tiger is a unique animal and after reading through the myths on the Hox Zodiac website I see that Tigers are often believed to be the incarnation of former sinners. I thought that was quite interesting as I had never heard that about Tigers before. 

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